Student Showcase

Here we proudly feature students of all ages and in various genres. Many are the product of Susan Hodara‘s memoir class; some are also featured in the coinciding Student Showcase published monthly in the Hudson Independent newspaper serving our neighboring Rivertowns. Enjoy!


The Talent Show by Susan Barocas

My third-grade teacher was a firecracker. Young, pretty and vivacious, Miss Kroll made learning fun.  Every day following traditional lessons, we’d push our desks to the side of the classroom, and she’d plug in her portable record player and teach the class to dance. ...

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Lost by Bonnie Chwast

I often think about a favorite brown and tan houndstooth scarf I lost in a garage a few years ago as I hurried home from work, hands full and my mind on other matters. It was made of soft merino wool and big enough to be a shawl.  I liked to wear it on cold days over...

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The Bowl by Bonnie Chwast

The golden maple bowl was a big glowing half moon to my young eyes, fallen from the sky. Entering the dining room from the kitchen, it stood to the right of the doorway on three wooden legs positioned like a tripod to support it. It was wide-bellied and, suspended on...

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Benny’s by Lynne Reitman

here was a hole-in-the wall coffee shop on the southwest corner of 89th Street and Broadway. When the weather was nice, a large window opened onto Broadway and people could buy coffee, a soda or frank while standing on the street.  There was also a...

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