Patricia Marx is a staff writer for the New Yorker and a former writer for Saturday Night Live and Rugrats. Her two novels (Him Her Him Again The End of Him and Starting From Happy) were Thurber Prize Finalists. Her children’s book Now Everybody Really Hates Me was the first and only winner of the Friedrich Medal, an award made up by Marx and named after her air-conditioner. Her most recent book was Why Don’t You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It?: A Mother’s Suggestions, written with Roz Chast and published by Celadon Books in April 2019. Another book by Marx and Chast, You Can Only Yell At Me For One Thing at a Time, was published in early 2020. Marx was the first woman on the Harvard Lampoon and is a recipient of a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship. She has taught at Princeton, Columbia, Stony Brook, and New York University, but mainly she does errands and looks things up on Wikipedia.