Writers Express Summer Camps

Grades 3-5 Camps

The Wonders of Writing: Journalism, Fiction, & More! (in person)
August 5-9
Participants will learn from a journalist and author two different facets of writing. Over a week, students will learn how to write a short age-appropriate news article (including learning more about the 5 W’s in storytelling). They will also learn how to write a short fiction story on a topic that interests them. The class includes creative thinking, brainstorming, idea building, character creation and all of the wonders of different writing styles.


Youth Creativity Camp (in person)
August 19-23
Join teaching artist Misty Yarnall for a week of fun at Hudson Valley Writers Center! Participants will put on their writer’s caps and learn new ways to explore character, setting, and plot through generative writing prompts, improv games, and engaging crafts. This camp will incorporate multiple art forms and storytelling techniques to create an experience that works for all types of learners.


Grades 5-8 Camps

World Building 101 (in person)
July 8-12
Do you love reading adventure books with fantastical settings and magical elements? Have you ever wanted to write a story set in a place you’ve never been? Through this workshop, students will understand the layout of the land within their stories, no matter what genre. We will take a look at ancient cultures and how landscape, language, government, and belief systems impact story.​

This camp is in partnership with the Tarrytown Arts Camp. Register for this session here!


Fiction Fun (in person)
July 15-19
​​Have you always wanted to write stories? Or written so many stories and don’t know what to do with them? This workshop provides young writers a space to bring forth their creativity, explore new stories, and meet friends with the same passion. We will explore character and plot through a variety of prompts and writing games. Each student will finish off the workshop with a collection of new writing.

This camp is in partnership with the Tarrytown Arts Camp. Register for this session here! 


Theatre, Improv, and Play (in person)
July 22-26
​​Through movement-based improv games and collaborative writing prompts, students will gain a better understanding of how plays go from the page to the stage. We will learn about character motivations, use of props, scene structure, and the rehearsal process. Students will end the workshop with a performance to showcase.

This camp is in partnership with the Tarrytown Arts Camp. Register for this session here!

Teen Camps and Intensives

Sweet World: A Generative Poetry Workshop for Young LGBTQIA+ and Nonbinary Writers (via Zoom)
June 22, 2024
1:00pm- 3:00pm
Fully funded for LGBTQIA+ and nonbinary poets that are high school juniors and seniors. We’ll start our workshop with participants sharing a poem they love written by another poet, Each person that shares will be asked to identify 2-3 reasons why the poem makes their favorites list. (Please have a link to the poem ready to share with the group, and please test that link prior to the workshop.) Then we’ll transition into writing new poems based on prompts provided by the instructor. The prompts will be based on poems by the contemporary LGBTQIA+ and/or bada$$ women poets. Participants will have the option to share their draft.


Teen Summer Theatre: Playwriting and Performance Camp (in person)
July 22-26, 2024
1:00pm- 4:00pm
Participants should arrive on Monday wearing a costume of their choice and with one prop of their choice. We start off by introducing our “characters” and any special talents we wish to showcase (Can you sing? Juggle? Have a great Australian accent? Show us!). Students will then branch off into small groups and create a 10- Minute play based on the characters and props that have shown up. We will spend the week writing, workshopping, and rehearsing our scripts. On Friday, July 26, the participants will return to HVWC at 7:00pm for the debut performance of their play. Family, friends, and community members are invited to attend.


Teen Speculative Fiction Writing (via Zoom)
August 10, 2024
12:30pm- 2:30pm
Are you ready to embark on a writing adventure where dreams come to life, galaxies collide, and magic pulses through every word? Look no further! Our workshop is a haven for young writers who crave limitless creativity and seek to weave untold tales. Our special ingredient?  This mantra: “Live your YA fantasy. Be who you need.” Your voice matters, now more than ever. So, fellow writer, grab our quills and let magic flow.

Program History
In Summer 2022, the Hudson Valley Writers Center launched the Writers Express Youth Summer Programs to foster creativity and excitement for students ages 8-18. Our name Writers Express comes from our unique Philipse Manor Train Station venue, as well as our mission to encourage participants to express themselves through the literary arts.

Our week-long camps are a great home for any budding writer, reading enthusiast, or imaginative artist. We aim to encourage students to be their truest selves and showcase their ideas though the written word. Come join us this summer in building a creative community.