Muscle & Bone by Paul-Victor Winters (ebook reprint, 2020) pdf


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Muscle & Bone Paul-Victor Winters (1995, 2020)

Muscle & Bone is a mesmerizing first collection of poems spoken in a voice at once alert and dreamy, nervy and vulnerable, tentative and flighty. On the page, the poems are lean and plainly spoken, but they are alive with surprises and bright maneuvers. The result is a fine combination of deftness of craft and ease of expression.

—Billy Collins, Judge

Paul-Victor Winters (1972-2020) was a public school teacher and writer in southern New Jersey. He worked for Murphy Writing of Stockton University and for the Geraldine Dodge Foundation’s poetry program. His poems were published by Coastal Forest Review, Coracle Poetry, Footwork: The Paterson Literary Review, Journal of New Jersey Poets, New Jersey Review of Literature, Stockpot, Without HalosCrack the Spine, Serving House Journal, and TLR: The Literary Review. He was a featured reader at the 2020 Geraldine Dodge Festival.