SunDogs Studio: Subscription and Boxed Set

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This package includes color-prints of all available titles published by SunDogs Studio (2017-2021), a micropress for collaborative zines, chapbooks, and other print projects as well as a subscription and back-issues to Volume 1’s analog newsletter issues.* This special edition also includes experimental, out-of-print satirical pamphlets and a poetry book by Gerry “Ray” Mak.

Zine and chapbook titles include, in chronological order:

Tropical Storms and Temple Complexes (2017), Slowtrain (2018), the Garden Matrix (2020-2021), Culinary Art House (2021), and BACII: Wood (2021).

Estimated retail value at $120 USD. Zine/ chapbook titles available individually on (shop name: “Tropopause”).

*Past issues of newsletters include March to September 2021 (7 issues); Subscription includes upcoming issues, for October 2021-March 2022 (6 issues); 13 single-page issues altogether. For any questions and additional details, please email Rana: [email protected]

Donated by SunDogs Studio.

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